Which windows 8 Tablets have good front facing cameras?

Hey guys,

The other day a friend came to me and asked me something that stumped me for windows 8 devices. He asked me which tablet has the best webcam, for Skype and all that good stuff. I mean I know its not a big deal wither or not it has a good pair of cameras, but it would definitely be useful. I read from many reviews that the surfaces have crappy webcams which suck because the rt is priced perfectly!

Do any of you guys have new windows 8 tablets with good cameras? Or what was your experience with the surface cameras? My friend really wants to get a windows 8 tablet, since hes going to be traveling a lot, but still wants to get work done. Something in the price range of 600$ or less would be perfect, win 8 rt or pro, it doesn't matter just needs a good set of cameras! Please let me know! Thanks.

Also, I know its android but does anyone know if the nexus 7 (new) or nexus 10 have good webcams? I never got to play with these, but they are supposedly pretty good tablets.