Are you planning to get the next iPhone ?

Initially , My plan was to get a HTC One but HTC just announced another variant of "One" in my country along with "existing One" which pissed me off really , So I am not going to jump to "One" immediately

I am looking forward to the next iPhone.I may get the next iPhone or I may go with HTC One but first I want to see what next iPhone would really be.Yes , it would look like iPhone 5 with internal improvements but still I want to see it first and then jump to a device.

I am user of iPad 3rd gen and iPod Touch 4th gen.

I want to replace my WP8+iPod Touch 4th gen (which won't get iOS 7) combo with an iPhone or HTC One.

After reading the experience of users who are using iOS 7 (beta) , I am looking forward to iOS 7 and mainly the next iPhone launch even more.