Selling my HTC One for Moto X. Here's why.

HTC One will probably score better than the Moto X in the Verge review because of the processor, display and design. But here is why I would rather have a Moto X.

1) Design:

HTC One is a beautiful phone. It is like jewelry. I find myself having to take care of it. I've put it in a case to protect it from scraping. As a result, my phone is now bulky. I don't enjoy taking it out of my pocket.

Moto X looks like it can take a beating (also from everything I've read so far). Doesn't look like I'll need a case. Smaller size, lighter and will be easier to take it out of my pocket. It is beautiful in its own right. Especially with the colors. I'm on AT&T, so this is not a problem. Better ergonomics.


HTC One has the better display. At the most, Moto X display will be adequate. It won't be terrible like some editors on the verge would exaggerate. Most people won't even know the difference. I will know, but it won't bother me that much.

3) Battery Life:

My biggest problem with the HTC One. I go to work at 7am and I text throughout the day and I am down to 20% by 6pm. If I go out after that, I need a spare battery. If the Moto X can last me till midnight in case I go out, this would be the best phone buying decision I've made.

4) Updates:

I am still on 4.1.2 on HTC one. I don't think it will get 4.3 until April. I am still waiting for 4.2. I am sure Motorola will be better with updates. I don't have crazy expectations like everybody else, I expect an update within 2 months.

5) Software:

I like Sense and I will miss the camera features, Zoe, Boomsound and the TV remote feature. I've always like Sense more than stock because I find stock to be dull and with less features (especially the camera). But Moto X has added some useful features. What I am looking forward to is Active Notifications, always on voice control, Motorola connect and the sensors than know when your driving, etc. I think these features top HTC One.

6) Performance:

From what we've heard, real life performance is just as good as HTC one if not better. I use my phone mainly for texting, browsing, facebook and all the stock google apps. Occasional gaming.

7) Sound, Call quality, camera, etc.

Boomsound is great but I don't use loud speakers that often. Not that important for my use case. Motorola radios have always been the best. As for camera, as long as it's not terrible, I'm fine with whatever camera I get.


Have to mention this separately because I have realized how well done it is in Moto X. On other android phones, you have to press the power button, unlock it, pull down the notification shade and tap on the notification. Motorola has made it so much easier.

I have never considered a Samsung phone. I hate touchwiz (don't tell me 'Just root it', I don't have time for that) and I think they are ugly.

Upcoming Phones: I won't consider anything with Touchwiz, anything that is bulky and over 5" screen (unless they shrink he bezels like Moto did and make it ergonomic). SO Note 3, LG G2 is out of question. The new Nexus 4 should have LTE and some additional cool features like Moto X's active notifications and voice controls.

Price: Who cares? All of these options (except for the Nexus) cost the same.

Finally I can get a phone that is blue and orange (Mets colors). Moto should partner with sports teams.