Hey Apple 'Open up a little'

So many Apple services are Apple or iOS only. By doing with almost everything they produce this they shoot themselves in the foot half the time. Apple services would have a greater appeal to Apple users (like me) and potiential new customers if they didn't lock in their use 100% into the Apple ecosystem.

A few examples

Photo stream: Share your photos with your friends... wait only your Apple using friends. Ah well better use Flickr

Find my Friends : only find your Apple friends

FaceTime: Only Apple faces (Apple was meant to open up FaceTime according to Steve Jobs in 2010 - when is that going to happen??? - seems like those plans got canned) Ah well better install Skype too.

iBooks: I refuse to use because I don't want to loose all my books if I ever decide to change platforms. Gotta download that Kindle App.

Airdrop: Sure I'd love to send everyone a file this easily but alas only my Apple friends so instead of using having a single elegant solution Apple expects us to work differently depending on who we are sharing files with. OK installing Drop Box then.

iMessage: Sure I love free messaging but I'm forced to use Viber because not all my friends use iPhones.

Airplay: Could be opened up more too. Let my friends with Android or Windows phones come over and send a video or song to my Apple TV.

iTunes: People using Chrome, Android or Windows Phone etc have no means to purchase music TV shows etc off the iTunes store. Why limit your customer base?

iTunes on iOS: I use iTunes Match (and I love it) - but I buy some music from 'BeatPort' and other non iTunes stores, why cant I purchase music on my iPhone from BeatPort then have it added to my iTunes Match?

Apple can't continue to pretend that other platforms don't exist and that you can function perfectly just using Apple services when nobody lives in a 100% Apple system - everyone has friends that use other platforms, everyone likes different services. Apple should understand this and Open up some of their own services to that everything can 'Just Work'.

One of the main reasons Apple is the successful company it is today is because it brought the 2nd gen iPod and iTunes to the Windows platform. Apple needs to open up more of their services to the wider world like this if they don't want to get left behind.

Anyways I'm stuck home high on painkillers so this is probably rambling nonsense.