'It's Not Meant for That' / All the awkward things we do with our phones

Be it in university, on the job, at school, or in *ahem* private...most oft have their phones. I think, because of this persistent presence we have developed some weird and interesting habits.

It's not just weird 'habits', but also tasks:

Smartphones--and the interminable amount of information they access for us-- have provided opportunities, habits, mannerisms, and choices that we may not have had before, or that may have been too difficult to accomplish otherwise.

Now...I've had a few lengths of time over the last few years away from a phone--within my normal routine--that made me realise I've wriggled my phone into facets of my life wherein almost no other device could suffice.

So I guess I'm curious as to other peoples findings. What has your smartphone's presence replaced, created, or destroyed?

Here are a few of my examples that may help one reflect on what to consider:


- I know this is somewhat common, but tracking my fitness like this is not something that would even exist in my life if it wasn't on my phone:


via farm3.staticflickr.com

- In the lab, I often press my phone up to the microscope and snap silly pictures. This isn't neccesarily something I wouldn't do otherwise, but I've never done it prior, and probably wouldn't have thought to do so without a smartphone in my pocket.


via farm8.staticflickr.com

- Lastly, for the odder of the habits...I started cataloging and photographing insects. It started by sharing pictures of interesting insects with friends and has now become something of a hobby. I never have another camera on me in these situations so I'm fairly certain this would not have started or continued without a smartphone amd its sharing and photographing abilities.


via farm4.staticflickr.com

So now I'm really curious, in what odd manner have you incorporated a smartphone into your life?