Apple might release 4,38" iPhone without changing iPhone 5’s size

A lot of people think Apple should unveil an iPhone with larger screen size because even 4" is the smallest display on the high-end smartphone market. Tim Cook said Apple won’t compromise on one-hand use by blowing the overall size up. But there is a way for Apple to increase diagonal to 4,377" without changing iPhone 5’s size.


Concept by Johnny Plaid

Last year AU Optronics (also Apple’s display supplier) uveiled world’s narrowest border on a 4.46-inch cell phone and touch panel integration technology. This could reduce borders on the sides to just 1 mm. Now iPhone 5’s borders are about 3 mm, therefore you’d get almost 4 mm horizontally extra. Display length would increase to approx. 54,5 mm. With current 16:9 aspect ratio you would get a screen with diagonal of 4,377".

Would this still be a retina display? If Apple decided not to change iPhone ’s resolution the display would be 298,3 ppi. So technically yes, with small adjustment. If Apple is going to increase the iPhone’s screen without compromising the one-hand use, this is the way to go.


*Sorry for eventual grammatical errors, English is not my native language.