What I Expect From the Budget iPhone (iPhone 5C Predictions)

I am really hyped for the budget iphone, because I recently broke my 4s and am stuck with an old 8gb iphone 4.

iPhone 5C Specs Prediction:
- 4 in Screen - after using a friends iphone 5 I hate using the smaller screen of the older iphones. This is the only exception I can see apple making in terms of making all components low cost.
- A5 Processor - The A5 is currently on the 4S and doesn't fall fall behind in everyday use compared to the iphone 5's A6. The A5 isn't the best for intense games but since its a budget iphone i can't imagine it being used for intense games anyway.
- 5 mp iSight Camera - This camera is currently used in the iphone 4, ipad, and ipod touch 5th gen. Personally the pictures look just as good as ones from the 4s and 5's 8 mp camera. But both are terrible cameras if you want to print and display your pictures. Also alot more cost effective.
- 512 mb of RAM - Ram handles all background processes and the iphone 4, 4s, and ipod touch 5th gen all have 512 mb of RAM and don't do bad in terms of switching between apps.
- Cut Compass - this would save a ton of money and not many apple apps use it.. I could see them just cutting compass only and keeping gyro because no one uses compass nearly as much as gyro
- Siri - Its just software so I don't see why It wouldn't be possible.
- Only 8gb model - Games take up the most space and I don't play any at all on my iphone so 8gb is plenty for me.
- $200 - $300 price tag - If the back is plastic they save a ton of money over metal.
- hspa+ (4G) only - Using LTE is faster than most free wi-fi hotspots, but the antenna is expensive. hspa+ can achieve speeds almost as fast a LTE but cheaper and It uses less data over all adding more budget to the budget iPhone while not sacrificing a lot of speed.
- iOS 7 Pre-loaded - My guess is that they're launching the iPhone 5C, 5S, and iOS 7 at the same event
- Bluetooth 2.1 - The latest Bluetooth technology is 4.0, used in the iphone 5, but 2.1 still works very well on most devices, and a lot of Bluetooth devices are still made with 2.1 as there standard. Again its also cheaper
- Don't Include EarPods+Remote - This is an idea I came up with, and it would save money, if the earpods+remote retail for $40 that saves a huge amount of money. A charging adapter and lighting cable are mandatory, because a phone that doesn't include a means of charging is useless.