Moto X Pricing ?

I've seen all kind of complaints about the new Moto X, for example the price of this device, and I was wondering if people actually cared about whether the phone they're gonna buy was assembled by people who worked in overall good conditions and for a decent salary or some overexploited kids far away earning $100/ year ?

I'm not judging anyone, I'm currently using a chinese Huawei Honor on which countless kids might have spent a lot of time and the reason I do so is because it was cheap and had pretty decent reviews. And I might even never be able to buy a Moto X ( I'm French ) but I think if Alcatel or other French manufacturers would come back in the "phone-manufacturing" game with a "assembled in France" device it would probably be a best-sellers.

We have competitive carriers plans here though with majors carriers proposing unlimited voice/texts and 3Go data for about 19.99€ ( $26.5 ) without anything like your 1 or 2 years engagement, ( I think I heard it was much expensive in the US ( ?? ) ) so we can basically switch phones more easily.

TL;DR : Do you care that the X is priced like an Iphone 5 or a GS4 maybe because its assembled in the USA ?

ps : i'm not an expert so if something I said is totally wrong, feel free to correct me. Also : english is not my native language.