Buy iPad Mini now? Or wait and hope for Retina?

Short story:

As the title suggests. Do you guys think the iPad Mini is still a good buy? Or at this point (in its life cycle) is it better to wait for the second revision? What are the chances said revision will be Retina? When do you think it will come out?

It seems kind of worth it for the $50 itunes giftcard as well... :D

Long Story:

I had a Mini on release day and actually loved it a lot. Then, due to the devil's temptations (The beauty of Sony made 1080p products) I made the switch to Android. Android isn't bad, and I certainly don't dislike it. But iOS 7 is drawing me back in. Seriously.... its magnificent.

Also switched from my Android phone and tablet combo to a WP (Lumia 920) and lets just say..... thats the worst thing I have ever tried (beautiful yet so dysfunctional!). After a week I switched back to the Xperia and am shipping the Lumia back to Amazon.

So with iOS 7 imminent and the stability of Apple's products (im also buying an Air and iMac for school) the question stands. Mini now? Or later?