When Would You Go RT

No, not retweet of course! This is about Windows RT.

Windows RT is like the brother nobody likes. It's a platform in its infancy. Some people have adopted, some are maybe thinking, most seem to not have any immediate plan. The question is very simple, assuming Microsoft keeps at current direction, at what point would you feel fully comfortable at suggesting a RT device to family/friends asking for advice, and/or maybe for yourself. And I ask this fully realizing that this is place of more tech savvy people, who are not really the target demographic of the OS.

For me its the moment VLC hits the marketplace.

"Never" is of course an acceptable answer, but I would urge to add some sensible reason to that. Otherwise it likely will come off as a troll attempt.


[Seems I should have been clearer. When I say "at what point", I mean of the software side, OS and the apps. Microsoft does not control the hardware in general. What ARM can cook up, what Qualcomm and Nvidia can do with that, and what other OEMs do with the actual device is not exclusive to the ecosystem, not subject to control by Microsoft either, and therefore is not the topic of discussion of this post.]