Chromebook for college? Update

I need a laptop for college. I have an ipad 3. I have been debating between on selling my ipad and picking up a chromebook and new nexus 7. How is the chromebook for day to day work and for writing papers?

Update: My dad fixed his older 15 any vaio so I am going to use that for now and when I get my grants or income tax I decide between a chromebook and dslr, the pixel or the retina pro 13. Thanks for all your help, I truly appreciate it.

Update 2: the laptop backed up on me.I'm getting an imac. I'm going with the 21.5 inch imac with the core i7 and fusion drive. I really don't need a laptop because I was just planning on leaving it on my desk anyways. So I opted in for more power and a bigger display.