Misfit Shine

I wasn't sure where to post this but since it's being sold in the apple store I thought this was the most logical place.

I was super excited for this as a bike to work daily and my fitbit wasn't capturing that activity. Luckily I have both an iPhone and a Nexus 4 but if I want to continue using this I've got to go exclusively iPhone. I'm really curious if anyone else got theirs and what they think. Initial observations from me are:

- Useless without an iPhone

- Build Quality is OK but if this is indeed aircraft grade aluminum it's so thin that it doesn't feel super sturdy

- Syncing is annoying. My fitbit just syncs while I'm wearing it. I have to place this thing on my iPhone's screen. Just an annoying extra step

- No web interface...it's iOS or nothing

- Still sort of a black box. I biked in today and it categorized it as moderate. I was averaging around 17 MPH. Since it's accelerometer based I'm assuming it can't track my speed and will basically give me a fairly generic score vs something specific to how hard/fast I'm biking

- No directions beyond how to install the battery. The iOS app is not super intuitive so it would have been nice to tell me where to find this menu or that menu.

- Doesn't always respond to the double and triple taps.

This will likely be the last consumer electronics device I'll back on indiegogo or kickstarter....I've been burned too many times. I think it's a lot harder to Mfg consumer electronics and produce great software than people realize.