Updated community guidelines

Hi everybody! We've updated the Community Guidelines here, and I wanted to just let you know a few things (including, er, that we just updated the community guidelines).

The goal with the updated guidelines was clarity and making sure our policies matched what was actually needed for this community. We've been around for nearly two years now and while we took our best shot at forming the original guidelines, a few things weren't obvious enough. These are changes in tone, degree, and clarity — the TL;DR version is that we haven't changed our policies in a significant way, we're just trying to express them better.

We added things like noting that calling another member a "troll" counts as a personal attack here (even if it's true). Complaining about coverage and review scores is similarly looked upon dimly — too often it's a sign that the comment is not being made in good faith and, more importantly, it usually derails the conversation.

That last part, about derailing the conversation, is important. We don't remove comments lightly, but we need to keep the minority of toxic comments from making the whole place worse — and sometimes that means removing some good with the bad, as much as it pains us to do so. We have a small team of dedicated moderators, many of whom are volunteers, doing their best to keep everything here fun and informative. I'm grateful for their hard work and I hope you are too.

To that end, we need your help! If you see a problematic comment, please flag it up instead of replying. If it's an urgent issue, you can contact the moderators here.

If you're wondering what's next -- stay tuned. I'm sure you've seen Josh mention that we're going to do a little re-organizing of the forum topics, that's coming soon.