Help me choose

My Sprint GNex crapped out on me today... it's totally unresponsive. Kinda sucks, but i do enjoy "new phone time," which is where I need help as well.

Currently, my iPhone 4S is running on the T-Mobile $30 plan we all love, and the GNex was on the Sprint share everything plan with 600 minutes (contract ended July 22.)

State of Carriers locally

TMobile and ATT both have HSPA+ (i live in a refarmed TMobile area too, unlocked 4S gets 4G)

Verizon has LTE

Sprint only has 3G (no WiMax or LTE)


If it's a Verizon phone, must have LTE (I absolutely hate Verizon though)

Sprint would be a last resort. I hate paying for LTE and I never get to use it. (unless someone suggests a throwback of a phone that doesnt require premium data)

TMobile's nearest store is 45 minutes away with no traffic.

ATT customers complain about the signal here. (they were the reason i originally went to Sprint. My iPhone 3g couldnt keep a signal at all!!)

I'm not terribly picky. The phone doesnt have to be the latest and greatest. Think I've been through enough phones by now to know it just needs to make phone calls and a friendly keyboard. One of my front runners is a Sidekick 2. Interested in trying Windows Phone as well. Not even thinking about signing another contract.

I want to know what your experience is with your suggested device. thanks ahead of time.