An open offer to convince a Nexus 4 user to WP8

First of all, thanks for reading.

I'm a design professional who's finding that many of the services Microsoft offers genuinely help with my workflow. I'm an Office 365 subscriber who uses Powerpoint to make PDF presentations, and the 20GB Skydrive space plus the 25GB I got for being an early adopter gives me plenty of room to keep my work files easily synced across my desktop and laptop (45GB Total, as well as accessing any files on my N4 to send when needed (Yes I keep backups). I also use Windows 8 as my primary work environment, though I'll admit I chose W8 over W7 to stay futureproof, and I spend next to no time in the Metro environment.

While it seems that I would only benefit from moving to the WP8 platform for mobile, I'm not so sure. Microsoft offers great apps for Skydrive, Office, and OneNote on Android, and because of Android's awesome share API, those apps feel as tightly integrated as if they were natively designed by Google. I can attach a photo from my Skydrive to my messaging, Edit and rename a document from Office and email it from Gmail, and more without issue.

Combined with the concern of a weaker app ecosystem, I'm not sure having a platform streamlined setup is worth it, but I only have hands on experience with WP7. So this is a question/challenge for all the proponents of WP8. Can I genuinely improve my workflow if I move to WP8 from Android, and if so, how?

Hope this wasn't TL:DR, thanks for the time and I'm looking forward to your answers.