Could the next Nexus be the Nexus X?

No I am just playing conspiracy theory here, but could the next Nexus actually be based on the Moto X. I know the issue with partners, firewalls, and everything else is in play but here are my reasons why it could be a possibillity in the future.

Google said with the Nexus 4, part of their reason for choosing LG was how they were making advancements in hardware design and operation that no other OEM was doing.

Right now the Moto X is really at the forefront of this for Android.

1. The Moto X is the first to offer the Touchless control directly linked to Google Now

2. The Moto X is offering a different POV to chip architecture with the X8 which supposedly can use any SOC in the architecture.

3. The Moto X is making forrays into personable hardware customization, which no other Android phone is doing.

When you really think about it, from a "new and innovative" aspects perspective, the Moto X regardless of specs looks like a better candidate for a Nexus than a LG G2 or GS4 variant.

Also think on this. The Motorola keeps talking about a GPE edition but everyone has been silent on the matter. Could the GPE really be the next Nexus and no one wants to say anything because it is still in testing. In addition only after the Moto X event have leaks to K Builds of Android starting showing up in the Chromium project tree.

Plus, why do a GPE edition of a Moto X when the experience is 90% stock anyway? What would be the point?

The Moto X also fits what the Nexus is supposed to be. A mid range speced phone. Something the Nexus has never moved from since the Nexus S days.

Hey I could be completely wrong. But wouldn't it be crazy if the next Nexus was actually a black or white variant of the Moto X running KLP.