Poll: Will Ballmers head roll in 2014 ?

I see Microsoft as in a very tough place in respect to customer, developer and shareholder expectations, with the media turning great attention to its consumer facing, mobile struggles and all.

Obviously, as a well diversified company Microsoft can remain profitable with its enterprise/business facing products and services alone, but shareholders are expecting Ms to play a major role in the mobile revolution, as turning away or giving up there will eventually catch up and bite you in the ass big time in whatever market segment you are in.

So there's a lot of weight on Ballmer's shoulders, will Windows 8.1 - 8.2 be the deciding factor in whether he stays or goes ? Provided the platform fails to make an impact again. Or will the shareholders and directors let him continue on until Windows 9 in Q4 2014 and hope it will be the 7 to Vista? Again provided the coming updates fail to propel the platform. There's a lot resting on this 8.1 update as it's due to collide with iOS 7, a first and major iOS UI redesign in 5 years that may just re-invigorate the Apple machine. As for Google , its future is brightest of all, since it controls the most used services in the world and has the largest user participation pool to make services like "Google Now" and other crowd sourced/data-mined dependant services to stand head and shoulders above the rest and these services will be the most important assets going forward.

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