What Happened to Bottom Headphone Jacks?

Most nexus devices fit into the mould of mediocre to average hardware with really great software. None more than the Galaxy Nexus. Having one in-hand, I'd say google really only made one exceptionally good choice with the hardware: they put the headphone jack on the bottom.

I don't know why no other android phone puts it there. I'm even more concerned that google has capitulated on that placement on the N4 and new N7. It was obviously their choice, the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are the only phones Samsung made in 2010 and 2011 with bottom-facing jacks. It's not as important on a tablet, but on a phone, having my headphone cable pointed towards me is a no-brainer. Having it dangle and loop around my hands to get to my ears is really silly. If you hold your phone right-side-up, the only natural way to put it in your pocket without adjusting it is to put it top-down, screen-in. This leaves a bottom headphone jack pointing out of your pocket, which is all kinds of sensible. Any other way requires you to spin your phone around and almost drop it every single one of the hundreds of times per day that you you take it in and out of your pocket.

Bottom headphone jacks keep your headphone cables pointed towards your ears and let you listen to music without dropping your phone, so why is it that only Apple sells a phone with a bottom-facing headphone jack right now? I always assumed that the excessive number of top headphone jacks was just everyone else mimicking Apple's poor choices, but since the iphone 5, nobody has joined them in their good decision. Phones are still leaking with top jacks, and even the superbly designed Moto X has it misplaced.

I'm faced with an incredibly dumb choice: Use my galaxy nexus with its burnt-in display, struggling radio and ailing performance or use my One X+ and seethe with a hatred I can't explain to regular people. I'm switching SIMs almost daily and that's not cool.