Isn't iPhone 5 clearly a superior piece of technology?

I am not 100% happy with Apple products. All Apple products I've owned have experienced a serious damage. My iPhone 5 in Singapore here has miserable battery life. My MacBook Air's display is subpar.

But I wanted to write this post just to respond to what seems to be the general trend in the tech world - that the smartphone innovation/advancement has reached a saturation point. And that the gap between iPhone and the competitors has narrowed to a great extent.

My argument to this trend is this:

Name me any non-Apple smartphone that can match iPhone's combination of the exquisite design(more on that later), consistently fast performance, all-day battery life, all in a relatively smaller form factor compared to the competition. And add to that an indispensable part of this powerful combination: software - the OS and the third-party apps which take full advantage of the hardware, making the hardware meaningful. Simply no competing product at iPhone 5's size can match its feature set.

You see, I am not saying iPhone 5 is the best phone for everyone. Nothing is. There are countless factors that matter differently to each and every user when it comes to buying a smartphone.

However, what tech reviewers never mention, although I believe it's totally noteworthy, is the FACT that iPhone 5 is far ahead of competitors when it comes down to whose product is more advanced. The level of miniaturisation, the integration between hardware and software, the sheer amount of care that go into making the product are more unparalleled than it has ever been. What kind of care?, you might ask. The thing every smartphone user does all the time is to hold the phone in their hands. And iPhone 5 feels remarkable in hands. A feeling is subjective - but the amount of care they put in is obvious to everyone.

You can't imagine how nonsensical LG sounded when they announced the G2 with "breakthrough technologies" when it is so much bigger than the most popular smartphone in the market.