What's Gates Done For You?

I hope posting this outside of the Tribe can get away from any corporate talk but I noticed a cool thing in the article that went up about Gates' comments towards Project Loon today.

A lot of people seemed at least said that the Gates foundation had something for them, or someone they knew personally, and I thought that was pretty cool. We all come to The Verge and talk about tech and stuff, that's cool, but I came over all emotional to see that maybe more than a few of us shared another, even more personal thread than that.

So, what's the Gates Foundation -- or even Gates himself -- done for you or someone you know? Maybe it was just some act of philanthropy that hit close to home for you.

For me, I was in middle school when the Gates Foundation came to down and set a billion dollars on the table to send kids with the right grades to private schools in the city. I went to a public school before that and, being one of the smarter kids, I got a lot shit at that place, mugged and whatnot, so when I got the invite from the Foundation to test into their program I swear I cried. They paid for the full four years for me to go to one of -- if not the -- best High Schools in the city and that place changed everything I knew about anything. I go to one of Forbes' top 50 universities, all because of programs and connections I was able to make while at that school, and it's all thanks to Gates.

I even got to meet him once, he'd hold "seminars" with kids in the program where he'd come and speak and hang out in these smaller group sessions. It was great, he's a really down to earth guy.

I know you may not like Microsoft or even Gates himself for one reason or another, I'm not saying he's perfect or the things he's done are beyond reproach, but I thought it'd be nice to take a break from the fanboy wars for a second to talk about something we've all got to agree on: People make a difference if they want to. I know that having near infinite wealth at your disposal can help with that, but Gates doesn't just drop money and leave the scene, he's out there every day, and money doesn't make a guy like that.

Anyway, what's your story? Fireside chat time! :D