These are ALL the haswell laptops ready for purchase this summer

I see a lot of posts asking about which laptop to purchase, and of course, haswell is a must. Here's a list of what I could put together. I may be missing a few- this is just based on my own research. Bold = available for purchase already!

Asus: Zenbook Infinity (September with 8.1 release), N550/N750, Vivobook S551

Sony: Vaio Pro 11, Vaio Pro 13, Vaio Duo 13

Lenovo: T440 (September), U430/U330 (Delayed to early september), Y410/Y510

Samsung: Ativbook 9+ (Soon), Ativbook 9lite* (Not haswell)

Dell: XPS 12, Inspiron (Touch) 14r/15r/17r, Alienware 14/17/18, Latitude 12-7000/14-7000, Precision M3800

HP: Envy (Touchsmart) 14/15/17

Acer: S7, S3, M5, V7

Toshiba: P50/P70, S50/S70, U50t, M50t, E45t/E55t

Apple: Macbook Air

I know I am missing a few models, for sure - post in the comments if you see something missing and I'll add it. I also didn't include desktops, just because I myself am not interested in them and therefore don't know about them. This should help people with purchases though. Happy haswell!