Surface 2? When?

I'm a college student headed to my first semester in a couple weeks, and I need a laptop/convertible. I really want a Surface Pro, as it has everything I really would like, but my main gripe is battery life.

I'm hoping the Surface Pro 2 may have a larger screen, Haswell (which pretty much fixes the battery gripe) and be slightly thinner and lighter. The only problem is, I have no idea when it will be announced, let alone be released!

I was hoping for a reveal at build, but it didn't happen. Microsoft hasn't put out any press invitations for a new event any time soon, and there's nothing that I know of that's already scheduled. I have a $2000 budget that I'd like to use to get the Surface, a keyboard, mouse, external monitor and maybe some kind of Surface dock to plug it into, but the Surface 2 could be coming out in January again for all I know and I'm a Computer Science major, I can't afford to go that long without a computer. I'm worried about what will happen if I don't have one by the first week even.

I really hate using laptops, and the pressure sensitive stylus of the Surface Pro is a huge bonus for me as I design t shirts, and having the stylus would make moving ideas from my head to the computer a heck of a lot easier. However, if the Surface 2 doesn't at least get announced soon, I'm going to have to settle for a Lenovo or a Sony VAIO, which I'd rather not have to do.

Why is Microsoft waiting this long to hit the back to school students? Most US Schools start at the end of August, but most comments I'm hearing is that laptops shipping with 8.1 and Haswell won't be hitting shelves until September or October. I have no interest in spending money on last year's hardware for four years, but I can't afford to wait another six months just for the next Surface.

Any ideas on when the next generation of Surface might be announced/released? Anyone else in a similar predicament?