Putting together ready-to-assemble furniture can often be an arduous task, but if you consider yourself a master assembler, here's a range of furniture that could be perfect for you. As Wired reports, Bulgarian design house Praktrik takes fiendishly difficult Burr puzzles and transforms them into household objects. In order to make the pieces function as furniture, the designers had to dial down the difficulty somewhat — most Burr puzzles are "too complicated to be directly translated."


There are a number of different designs, including chairs, tables, and chandeliers, all of which lock together using notched wooden sticks — no glue or screws are required. The most complex of these furniture puzzles is the €430 ($575) side table pictured at the top of this article. A 24 piece puzzle, it requires not only "spatial vision but also [a] certain dexterity" to complete. Even with the included instructions, the furniture can take "anywhere from 10 minutes to more than an hour" to assemble. Without the instructions, you might never finish. To see the full range of furniture you can visit Praktrik's website, or for an interview with the designer, head to Wired.