Iphone 5S, a boring release

Is Apple going to continue the same release path as 4, 4S, 5 and maybe 5S? This years iphone as an updated 2012 version...

It is the question for me. I've been on an Android phone (Galaxy S and Galaxy nexus) for a while, but IOS 7 is bringing the necessary software update . IOS7 looks way better then Android 4.3 and maybe is as good.

However the iphone 5 is small, in the eyes of Android users. Im dreading the 2013 iPhone will be just iphone 5S (same body, same screen).

In case Apple dont step up their release pace, they are risking loosing their aura as THE smartphone company. I doubt many people are lining up outside apple stores for the iphone 5S.

Apple needs

1. A bigger phone alternative. You can argue that small phones are better but the market is full of people who wants a bigger phone.

2.New design every year. Iphone is loosing its aura and the Android system is full of new designs every year.

3. Faster product release. Ipad mini is the latest release!!!! As far as I know.