Electric car takeover by 2020

Here's a prediction: Electric/Hyrbrid cars will account for the majority of new car sales by 2020.

The more I think about it, the more I believe it can/must be true. But what do you guys think?

My reasoning is this - Almost every major manufacturer now has one if not several electric/hybrid cars in their stable, with many more models due to be released this year and especially next year. Many brands are offsetting the higher cost of EVs by offering them as 'premium' or 'luxury' cars, eg, Cadillac's ELR. Alternatively, at the lower end of the market, manufacturers are offering cheaper, smaller capacity vehicles which, for the most part, fully cover the daily needs of most drivers, albeit with the assistance of a gas engine for longer, less frequent journeys (road trips over 200 miles). Factor in increases in battery efficiency and the economics will only continue to favour EVs.

The only piece of the puzzle that is really missing is the charger network. The way I see it is that electric cars are quite similar to mobile/cellular phones. It wasn't so long ago that phone networks didn't actually cover all the places people wanted to go. As each carrier rolled out extensions to their network, coverage rates became something of a competitive advantage. I see a similar situation with EV manufactures/chargers, unless of course the government mandates a nation-wide charger network. Either way, EVs win.

The days of gas are over, and everyone is going to benefit from it.