What Phone OS does majority of the Tribe use? (poll)

Now that Apple has announced the new iPhone(s) which I'm not a huge fan of (the 5c is so dumb, and not even cheap..), I was wondering what Phone OS does the TRIBE actually use the most? I Myself have been using windows phone, I'm currently using an HTC 8x. I was wondering what do you guys actually use, does majority actually use a windows phone ? iOS? Android? Blackberry? Or any other os? Let me know on this poll! Thanks.

P.s what do you think of the new iPhone(s)? Plan on getting one? Also if you use an os and it is not in the poll just write it in the comments! Thanks.

What does the tribe use for a phone OS? (any version of the OS)
Windows Phone
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Update: For some reason the Poll isn't working on the actual post so here is the Link to the Poll Itself

Have a Good day!