Is there a case for a Lumia 420/320?

The success of the Lumia 520 is telling us one thing: Windows Phone shines brightest on low cost devices. The value proposition of the Lumia 520 is strong enough to change market share landscape of entire regions such as Latin America and Europe, and Windows Phone needs a lot more of that.

I think Nokiasoft can very well develop a 99/79 dollar smartphone that will just put any ultra low end Android phone on its knees and with that bump up the global WP market share further and that can give more momentum to the platform.

Will something like that damage the brand? I don't think so, but I would like to read your comments on that. Do you think there is value in something like that?

Just saw a very similar post here

The guy even goes onto suggesting specs for the devices:

-512 MB RAM
-4GB HDD (Assuming it has GDR2, so other storage issue would be gone)
-Single Core 1GHZ Processor
-$79.99 or 69.99

-256 MB HDD
-Single core processor, if WP runs on less then a 1GHZ processor, let's do it.
-WP 7.8 or 8.0 GDR2, if 8.0 is stable on these specs, then use WP8.
-$49.99 (Or less/more until the OS is stable at the min specs)

I think there is a lot more people who think in the same way, Microsoft, just make it happen!