Your favorite little-known Android games? (late 2013 edition)

So, while I'm waiting for the Apple event to start, I thought I'd share some of my favorite little-known games on Android. Perhaps you can share yours! :)

Too Many Me: I'm surprised that this game existed and I knew nothing about it because art-wise and gameplay-wise it is AWESOME.

Attack of the Spooklings: really addictive, retro-themed defense game. More casual though!

COLORUS: Super-minimalistic (in the best way possible), super-addictive color game.

Toast Time: I praised this recently in its own thread but it is a really great game that deserves recognition

Shapes and Sound: The Shape Shooter: again, super-clean, super-addictive game with a great soundtrack.

ShapeIT!: This is like Dots, except ten times better. I actually prefer this to the original game.

Gesto: I can't describe it - just check it out!

WordKick : nice word game.

So, what are yours?