Things Android can Do iOS can't? A Response.

I figured we could do the same thing here as in the Apple forum, since iOS 7 is now official. I get this feeling, and I could be wrong that because iOS has a fingerprint scanner people it can now do a whole bunch of stuff Android can't.

Now to be fair, iOS does have some things many of us wish we had in Android like an equivalent AirPlay counterpart (Chromecastis getting there). In the end it is basically a wash but it is interesting to see those things any OS still have not implemented. Anyway here is my list.

Set Applications as Default

Sharing across any app

NFC Support (Payments, Transportation, Sharing, BT Pairing, etc..)

Wireless Charging

More customization options (Launcher replacements, icons, lockscreen, etc..)


Lock Screen Widgets

IR Ports to control your TV (Some devices)


Install Apps from Your Browser

15 Minute Application Refunds

Full integration with Google Voice (Stock Android only)

Replaceable Keyboards

Better Google Now Integration

Actionable Notifications

Built in Data Usage Tracker

Face Unlock ( I know It is a Gimmick, but IOS still cannot do it)

Pattern Unlock

Install Apps From other Sources (Amazon App Store)

Completely replace the factory OS..with something else (CyanogenMod, MIUI, AOKP, etc...)