Hats off to Sony for beating Microsoft to the mini-console

I have to give Sony some credit here. I generally side with Microsoft due to the fact that I have an Xbox 360 and don't have a PS3, but the Vita TV is impressive.

I have been expecting for about a year now that Microsoft would announce an Xbox Mini that would play Xbox Arcade games and stream games from an Xbox One console - basically exactly what the Vita TV does. Until the Vita TV announcement, I was expecting to skip the PS4 and get an Xbox One next spring when Titanfall comes out. Now? Sony's offering just got a lot more tempting. You can get a PS4 and a Vita Tv for the price of one Xbox One. That's basically two PS4's for the price of an Xbox One. Amazing.

I still want to see more on the apps side from Sony (when I say apps I mean ESPN, Slacker Radio, etc.), but clearly Sony has stepped it's game up.