What is the real iPhone competitor?

Bit of a disclaimer since this will inevitably start some arguments. I do not use an iPhone, nor do I use a Android device (I am a Lumia 928 owner). This is simply a post to see if there is a well rounded Android iPhone competitor.

The following is a response to the functionality of the iPhone 5s

Activate your device with finger print scanner.

Old Atrix did this, but I will give the iPhone that.

Have the highest performance available in any mobile phone.

Your Opinion and I disagree.

Last longer on battery.

Incorrect, the Note and Razr Maxx last longer than the iPhone

Take better pictures.

Some say the S4 pictures are equal or better, but it is all in the eyes of the beholder

Run better apps.

iPhone has better developer support and quality of apps, but not by some huge margin.

Have a better track record of support in which you receive updates instantly.

Get a Nexus.

Five different devices were named. While I know that each OS has its own appeal, I'd like to ask some of you Android users and fans if there is a true iPhone competitor, essentially a well rounded Android device, isn't the best at one thing and does other things just okay, but excels to the point of satisfaction at everything it was intended to do.

The one thing I'll let slide is the fingerprint scanner since that could be an arguable gimmick and is something that hasn't been all that popular in the past, and the app store has to do with the OS itself and I'm not interested in starting a "Android vs iOS" fanboy war, so you can pass that as well.