Bad Microsoft Service, DO NOT BUY SURFACE PRO

2 weeks ago I was typing like usual to do some work, when suddenly my product stopped working. I turned it on, tried ALOT of combos with volume buttons and power button ( assisted by costumer service ). All Failed. So they told me to send the product back for exchange, I did. They told me the whole process would take 3-5 business days, it has already been 7 days since I last gave them the product. I asked them to change the return address since I just moved to another city for schooling. They said that it was the cause for the delay. Frankly, how hard is it to change a f*&king change address? It should've been done in almost an INSTANT.

My brother asked apple to exchange his product due to some problem. Before he could even send his product for exchange, the apple company already sent a new one on his way. It was all done within TWO DAYS.

I already chatted with 3 Microsoft support, and recently called them on the phone today. As the costumer support was talking B.S. that all I could do is wait, I cant help but be frustrated and thus hang up.

I simply don't understand why the exchange took SO long when apple did it in almost an instant. Or I don't see how hard is it to change an address and thus causing extra delays. Are there too many sh*7t surface pro being sent back that the server processing the requests got overloaded? No wonder the surface sales are a disaster, Microsoft simply have no idea on what constitutes for a good costumer service.