Highlights of the Day...Any for you?

OK, I admit to having a troll fever in me today so let's get to something serious. What, if anything, was a hightlight for you during Apple's release/announcement today? Anything revolutionary or are we still and likely going to be in evolutionary mode for the foreseeable future?

-I do appreciate that they've got a 64-bit chip and OS now. Other than games, what will benefit from this today? I can eventually see it coming in hand generations from now when we have much more imaging potential(think 3x3 array of small 1 inch photo senses/lenses) that will need the appropriate hardware/software at the time to account for stitching/exposures/aperture(DOF) management and transactional image manipulation. This will finally result in some serious quality photos.

-I'm not terribly impressed with the biometric scan but then I do have a career in cryptography so my practices border on paranoia compared to many here.

-Are we ever likely to get to a 24 hour battery?

-Improved motion sensor...are we going to see more accurate GPS. Can I ditch my GPS watch now for my trail runs?

-iOS7....hmmm...free Office apps are nice but not much else caught my attention.

-At this point, I'm more curious about the Mac Pro that anything else in the near term.