How does the plastic iphone 5C cost 549 dollars?

relative to the ipad starting at $499

and the ipad mini at $329 -

how does that make any sense?

Apple have been profiteering tiers with - flash say - for a long time, a lot of their profits can be boiled down to flash middleman these days - but how can they produce a scale commodity iphone that costs two hundred and twenty dollars more than an ipad mini?

there has to a real question about what apple want to achieve with their mobile operating system at scale - 550 dollars for a plastic iphone is a pisstake.

It's not profiteering, I'm starting to wonder if it isn't a wilful refusal to enter a dominance market. Apple have carefully rejected all avenues in that regard, but the fact that they have created a plastic call making ipod that costs nearly 600 bucks would make you wonder about their psychology.

Apple could still easily own an extraordinary degree of mobile by doing most of the same things they did with ipods.

I think they don't somehow want to - I think they are ceding ground to android by nature.

I genuinely think apple needs a shrink.