An Android smartphone user's take on the iPhone 5s

I'm a huge Android fan, although I do use and enjoy several Apple products. I tend to hate on iPhones sometimes, but I think the latest one has some really cool stuff going for it.

Touch ID Fingerprint Reader

I feel like this is kind of underrated. It's huge. It's going to make biometric scanning mainstream, and actually work fast and efficiently. Soon, we'll see this type of technology in many other devices.

Two-tone flash

I don't know if this is really revolutionary, but I've never seen this on another smartphone and I think it's a really great idea. The sample pictures they displayed at the conference show it all.

M7 dedicated motion chip

I think this would be way better if Apple implemented Moto X type features (waking up if you take it out of your pocket, etc.), but we'll see where devs go with this. It'll certainly be great for games.

64-bit architecture

Obviously right now this isn't too big a deal, and I'm sure Google/Microsoft have this prepared too, it's definitely a signal for a major transition in mobile computing. Soon, we'll be seeing apps that can do a lot more, and a lot more efficiently.

This is just an Android user's two cents on the new iPhone. I definitely think people should be giving credit where it's due, this is definitely a lot more innovation than Apple has done in the recent past.