iPhone 5C is genius because it makes Galaxy look like mid-range product.

I was just thinking how I don't really like the "plastic" 5c because it's not premium enough and how samsung fans are pointing fingers at Apple for making plastic iphone just like plastic galaxy.

I realized though that plastic iphone, whether popular or not is a genius move from apple, because it makes galaxy look like mid range product. Just think about. Youre going into the store and for about the same price (in uk at least) you can get latest Galaxy and Iphone 5C. The latest phones from 2 biggest mobile players. Two plastic phones. And then you have iPhone 5S. The premium one. There's no galaxy to compete with that. You can throw specs sheet all you want, but people who want premium will look at iphone 5s, not galaxy. Ironically, it makes HTC One look really good because it looks like a great alternative to iphone 5s - something like galaxy but, you know.. premium.

What do you guys think?