London calling - Where are the quality devices?

Why can't I get a top quality Android device with a great camera, and decent software?

The S4 Google Play Edition doesn't fit the bill as the device doesn't have the premium design and lacks top end build quality. I also hate the idea of a menu button, and love my multi-tasking button.

The HTC One is missing on the button layout, and I'm not impressed by the camera quality.

The N4 has a poor quality, and the screen isn't great.

None of the above devices matter anyway, as they are all too hefty for my liking. My N4 has a case on to protect the glass back, and just isn't comfortable to use in one hand when reaching the action bar controls. Even reaching across the device to hit letters the other side of the keyboard could be more comfortable. Before I get the usual set of phablet lovers telling me how small my hands are, let me tell you that I'm 6ft, with very regularly proportioned gloves.

The Moto X? Well I've never held one, and being in London, I will never get chance to. (Damn I want one of those wooden backs)

So other options? Sony?

Let me tell you I would love a Sony phone, but they tend to be large, and the software design language is just too fussy. I really hate the home button too. If the rumoured Z1 mini comes out as a Google edition device, then that may be absolutely perfect.

So, where does that leave me....

With the next Nexus looking like a 5"device, it looks like I'd need to get an iPhone 5s. I'm going to have to check out KitKat before I make that type of commitment. I hope my Android days aren't numbered.