How would your next phone look like if you got to design it?

How would your dreamphone look like?

Design your own dreamphone with Photoshop / 3d program / paint / whatever and post a picture of how your phone would look like( or just describe it if you don't want/ can create it in Ps or any other program), Include specs if you want, but don't turn this thread into a "mega-specs" thread :)

A giant phone with a 6 inch screen? A phone that is thicker to fit a 4000 mAh battery? A phone with several cameras? Speakers? Screens on both sides? Any material that fits your needs better?

I would love to see what people here on the forums can come up with.

Ill start up with a WIP of my own...


  • 60 x 110 x (8 - 9) mm
  • 4.4" Screen - 16/9 format
  • Made of aluminium
  • Unibody