The Myth of the Walled Garden

"But all the crap about getting you to live within Apple's walled garden? For all that is good and holy please stop beating that dead horse. I realize the simple-minded will disagree with me, but every competitor to Apple ALSO has a "walled garden" (if we must call it that, but it's a pretty inaccurate label). I feel absolutely no lock-in to Apple, nor is my phone an extension of me nor am I the device. I go where the experience and value proposition is best." from Fast Company's Co. Design

I read this and had to ask myself is Apple (OSX and iOS) keeping me in a walled garden? I've been using a MacMini since 2008 (just on my second one now) also on my second AppleTV and picked up an iPhone 5 a few months ago. I've 25,000 mp3 that I listen to on all my devices over 1000 movies and tv shows that I've ripped and also watch on all three devices. I haven't had a website that I've gone to not work and I've used products from Microsoft, Adobe and Google without fault. Am I missing something? Am I in a garden and just can't see the walls?
Just wondering