The site is being rendered incorrectly in Chrome, any suggestions?

Hey. So, long story short, I have noticed The Verge getting a bit strange recently, with unfamiliar header fonts and weird spacing issues showing up. Haven't paid much attention to it. and I have only looked closer at the pages today. And what I'm seeing certainly isn't a tweak in the design but some weird bug: lots of design elements like header buttons are displayed completely incorrectly, stuff drops out of designated borders, all custom fonts have vanished, and so on. See for yourself.

Suspected the extensions interfering with stuff, but nope, disabling them isn't changing anything. I'm using the latest version of Chrome (the sneaky bastard auto-updated for as long as I have remembered so giving version number is probably pointless here).

I don't have other browsers installed apart from old rusty IE10. And weird thing is, IE10 displays The Verge flawlessly:

Does anyone know what could be going on there?