iPhone 5C, the one Apple needs, but what about customers?

The iPhone 5C represents Apple chance to increase iPhone sales margin, I don't think colors have anything to do with choosing plastic over aluminum to create colorful iPhones, after all, Apple has had colorful anodized aluminum devices for ages so making a colorful iPhone 5 should have not been the kind of challenge Apple would prevent them from keeping aluminum on the cheaper iPhone, so I think the 5C was made out of plastic just to lower manufacturing cost of the device (like many others).

This means Apple is going to try to make the iPhone 5C front and center of its marketing campaign but priced at just 100 cheaper than the iPhone 5S, is it worth it at all? I personally think it is an awful deal, you get a slower device, with a dated camera, no fingerprint reader, no 64 bits support (which I think is going to be very important for long term support).

One can argue that the 5C is just as capable as most high-end smartphones of the competition but given the price difference against the 5S (retail or contract) the value proposition seems way off to me and seems like a lot of people think about the same, I've not seen a single poll where people give a "will purchase" option more than 6%





Base on the results of these polls, that albeit where made on tech sites, I still think they are representative of the overall sentiment of peoples towards it. Any hope of success on it will just waiting on people who don't know better to get it, but still, it even feels like a downgrade if you ask anyone with an iPhone 4S.