Did HTC and Sony miss the golden boat?

The HTC One has the qualities of a premium phone and decided to branch out and try things like a Blue variant which got a few commenters excited. Sony is going all out with waterproof phones that also look beautiful. Samsung just is going the faux-leather and smartphone route.

I have nothing against these strategies but I'm just surprised how the gold iPhone 5S just snuck under their radars.

I just did a quick search on Twitter and noticed how a handful of people are already going nuts with the gold variant. Once again the iPhone has proven to be the status symbol phone and any company that follows with a gold phone will be dismissed as a copycat even though some possibly obscure phone did it first.

This is the iPhone that people love to hate because of its lack of innovation.

Yet I can pretty much bet that a lot of people will buy their girlfriends/wives these golden trinkets for Christmas if stock is available of course.

What do you guys think?