The Real Benefits of the iPhone 5s

So, I've been waiting for the i5s to release for a while now so I could jump ship back to Apple and iOS; however, now that it's been announced I don't know if I want to go i5s or save around $300 and go i5.

I don't care about the fingerprint scanner, or the better processor, I don't play games. The only thing that would make me want the i5s would be the camera, but the i5 camera is good enough and I don't know, yet, if the i5s camera is good enough to justify $300, for me.

Regardless of my choice, I'll most likely be upgrading to the i6 when it comes out so I was thinking the i5 would be sufficient until then as most of the features of the new i5s aren't necessary for me.

Thoughts? Anyone in the same boat?

Obviously the i5s is future-proof and will receive updates longer than the i5, but like I said, I should be upgrading to i6 before either of them even get close to the end of their update cycle.