ios 7 GM on iPad 3


I wanted to give those with an older iPad (2nd or 3rd generation) my first impressions of using ios 7 on iPad 3. My biggest takeaway is WAIT.

Just about everything is harder in iOS 7 that was in iOS 6. Typing is harder, changing the background is harder, navigating the UI is harder, using Safari is harder.

The iPad feels sluggish and hard to use for the first time... ever. Don't get me wrong, the new os looks really cool. It feels very futuristic... Like something that Tony Stark would use in an Ironman movie. But it doesn't add anything to my workflow. It doesn't make any part of my daily routine easier.

First thing I do every morning is check e-mail, then I browse the web while getting ready for the day. Both of these apps are noticeabley worse on the ipad after ios 7. The ui lags, the keyboard is harder to type on (why is it white?) and the capitalization and autocorrect behaves very differently from ios 6. In this post (typing from the ipad 3) I have had to go back and change almost every sentence. With the new built in lag, this is incredibly frustrating.

I will be downgrading back to ios 6 shortly. Let me know of any questions in the comments below, and I will respond before reverting back to ios 6 for the foreseeable future.