Why I will buy the iPhone 5s?

I have been following Apple iPhone since the iPhone 4 came out but have never bought any of the models released so far. I found the 3.5 inches screen too small and by the time Apple came up with the 4 inch iPhone 5 I had already bought a Galaxy Nexus from Play Store.

It is about time that I replace my Galaxy Nexus because it is showing its age in just 14 months of light usage. Most of the issues are with the screen which has degraded considerably and the phone has become sluggish. This has certainly not been the kind of hardware+software experience I thought it would be at the time of purchase and has put me off buying another Android smartphone in the near future.

The overall experience from the day I bought my iPad 2 till today has been the same - high quality and satisfying. I have learnt that the longevity of Apple products is way more and that to an extent justifies the premium price that they command. This is what draws me towards the iPhone 5S. I bought the Galaxy Nexus for $350 and it could barely last a year. Although the iPhone will set me back by about $700 (Yes I need it unlocked for my international travels) but even if it lasts a good couple of years with the same overall experience from start to end it will be a better bang for buck.

With that said here are my few other reasons to pick up the iPhone 5s:

a) 4 inch screen - Surprisingly I find 4 inch to be the perfect size for a phone. 4.7 inches on the Galaxy nexus came in handy watching videos but I would prefer to watch videos on iPad and for situations where iPad or laptop isn’t available it also doesn’t matter if the screen is 4 or 5 inches. Again it’s a personal choice but I find no reason to use a larger screen than 4 inches on a phone.

b) iOS7 - Looks nice and attractive and simple enough. The apps are better than on Android although there are few things that Android does better however I still prefer iOS running on my mobile device . This could be due to the reason that I am yet to use an Android device with a better user experience than iOS.

c) Multiple gadgets rolled into single neat package- I see the iPhone 5s as a music player, Camera, phone, Internet Device, alarm clock, GPS, voice recorder and a whole lot of other utilities in one single neat package that stays in my pocket every day, all day long. Also with the finger print security it gives me peace of mind that my personal data is safe .Yes the Galaxy Nexus also had some or all of these features but as it turned out the packaging wasn’t half as good.

Let me know what your reasons to choose the iPhone 5s are.