What Are We Missing With the Move to 64bit?

Leading up to tuesday's event there was talk of Apple testing a 64bit A7 chip but that it was very unlikely based on the general roadmap for ARM V8 chips. Therefore, one could assume that Apple went through great lengths to build this chip. I have scoured articles looking for the reasoning and most are claiming that it is a marketing ploy and that 64bit is useless without the necessary amount of RAM to address. Though Apple is touted as masters of marketing I don't believe they would produce something with little to no benefit just to throw out numbers on a spec sheet as they are a company that is more focused on the user experience.

One article on ZDnet claimed, "But here's the difference. Apple needs 64-bit for fingerprint authentication as well as the camera features the company has added to the latest iPhone. In other words, 64-bit is an enabler to features that may matter to the masses."If this is true then will the competition have to incorporate 64 bit architecture to attain the same experience with their devices? I remember reading in an article before the presentation that said Apple would want to move to 64bit to have a smoother UI. Most of the other articles claimed that it was for the future when Apple will have devices with over 4GB of memory and they are trying to get developers on board with developing apps for their OS before other OS's and also set them up to make ARM based Macs which if true then 64 Bit isn't really going to make a real difference. There must be a reason other than marketing so what is it? Is Apple really ahead of the competition on this one?