Building a STB to do everything

Hi all,

Looking for ideas, recommendations, and your own experiences for how to create the ultimate STB!

  • One single box, one single interface
  • Play live TV
  • Record/schedule/play content from DVR w/ great TV guide (2+ tuners)
  • Play locally stored files (i.e. ripped movies) from internal drive and/or NAS
  • Streaming content from all the major provides (netflix, amazon, hulu, google play, youtube, etc.)
  • DVD/Blue-Ray

I would like to do this with a simple box, don't care so much about cost as I do about having a great UI, performance, ease of use. I want it to be dead simple for everyone in the house to use and I don't want to become and administrator of this box. Set it and forget it.

I want to cut the cord, but I want to continue to have it be easy for everyone to use (not that the Comcast experience was great). I don't want to have to make up for cutting the cord with a myriad of boxes, switching inputs, and having my wife, in-laws, and kids mad at me because they can't use this anymore just to save money.