iPhone 6 Predictions (Yes We're Thinking This Far Ahead)

I'll just make this short and simple. We couldn't really predict the 6 till we knew what the 5s, and 5c had in store for us. So here are my 6 predictions.

All day battery life - 12 hours instead of the 10 from the 5s and 5c and a huge jump from the 5 and prior iPhone's 8 hours.

A8 Processor - It sound's really stupid but that's just the way it's named, but it will be just a faster version of the A7, in the new 5s, expanding upon this new mobile 64-bit architecture. It will also most likely use less power and maybe be smaller.

13 mp Camera (or bigger) - Apple appears to be sticking with they're 8mp isight camera, which is almost exactly the same sensor used in the 4s 2 years ago, just with a bigger aperture and 2 flashes now. People don't want to hear "we made the 8mp camera better", they want to hear "we bumped up our already outstanding 8mp isight camera to a 13mp isight camera for almost triple the image quality and size(thats not really true but thats how apple gets costumers)".

M8 Motion Processor - For all we know it will be the exact same processor in the current 5s, but just with a new name to match the A8 processor.

Bigger Screen - I really want them to bump up the screen size, and its been rumored that they're testing up to 6 inch screens. But I think the perfect size for one hand use is 4.5 or 4.3 in screen, and apple's all about 1 handed use.

OLED Display - I think IPS is a better display technology for image quality and viewing angles, but a huge benefit of OLED is you only use 2/3 of the battery life compared to and IPS LED, since all black pixels are completely off. With and OLED display that 12 hour battery life I mentioned earlier would easily become 14 if not 16 hours!

Thinner Bezel - take the LG G2 or the Moto X, both of those phones have way more tech jammed into them compared to the 5s or 5c and the bezels are super thin! I don't see why apple's engineers would find this to be difficult to do at all so just do it, also smaller edges can made a small screen look alot bigger

iOS 8 - iOS is a yearly thing now so with that there's bound to be ios 8 next year, probably use a new version of open gl and enhancements to all around performance and minor added features.