What's the speed of the PS4's CPU?

OK... I've looked everywhere and have asked in a number of blogs and forums and no one knows what the speed of the CPU or GPU of the PS4 is. I find this curious since MS has stated that the speed of the CPU in the XBox One is 1.75 GHz after they made a last minute increase. This got me curious so I went looking for the what the PS4's CPU clock speed and only find that they mention that it has 8 cores. No mention at all about each core's speed.

The other thing I have seen is that the XBox One has a huge heat sink and fan. If the two boxes have essentially the same CPU (with modest customizations) and the XBox One has this rather massive engineering attempt to deal with heat, we have to assume that if clocked at a similar speed, the PS4 would have to have some way of dealing with that heat dissipation as well, but based on the size of the PS4's casing and the amount of air flow that could be pushed through that space, I have to think that it must be significantly under clocked to deal with the heat. In addition, the PS4 has its PSU internal to the device, while MS still has the external "brick". This may mean that the PS4 fan is spinning at a much faster rate to move more air over its heat sink, but that also means it will be very loud. Sony has also never shown its internals which also makes it questionable what it looks like.

If anyone has any insight please feel free to comment.

Here is a picture of the XBox One's internals.


via newlaunches.com