If Google put some real effort into the Nexus program...

If Google REALLY backed the Nexus movement and created a masterpiece of a phone(even more so than already), and truly marketed it. Could the nexus phone (whether it be Nexus 4 or 5 or 79 or infinite...) Be the true, ultimate optimized, always up to date, top android phone. The best phone to go up against the iPhone? Of course, of course that would make all the OEMs pissy.... But come on, they just aren't cutting it. I want to see a phone to define the brand. Instead of people saying "on the new droid/galaxy" we would hear "sweet the new Nexus is coming out". Wouldn't that be nice?

Just my two cents. Not a big deal post but I have nobody else to talk about it with(everybody I know doesn't understand phones).

PS. Screw the "cheap priced" "just for developers" stuff, they'll never market if if they are making losses...just stay with me, let me dream :-)